Dollar Warp is made from 40 sequential 1 Dollar bills. For my 420 people out there, the serial numbers for all the bills start with 420. That was just the luck of the draw! The bills have been cut apart and reassembled into eight layers. All the layers work together to make a unique piece of art.

Yes! It's made from real US currency/money that has been cut apart and reassembled into Art. There will be more of these currency series to come, but this is the first. Be the first to have it in your collection. The layers sculpt out a vortex that money seems to go. One minute you feel like you have a lot, the next thing you know...

It's a unique piece that will be a great addition to any collection.


Dimensions - 31"x31"x3"

Medium - US Currency and Foam Construction

Wooden shadow box frame with all mounting included

Dollar Warp


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