Playboy Bubbles

Playboy Bubbles part of the Vintage series of works.  The Vintage series are old photos printed on archival paper and inks.  After it’s been remastered, the image is then cut apart.  The photos are usually what might have been considered risky in their time, but now it’s not even a thought.  There is still a wholesome vibe that is mixed with some tension.  The 3-D effect adds to this modern twist to something old. 


All the layering is done in circles/bubbles Like Champaign bubbles rising to the top  This piece has the most layers and any other piece.  The shapes and patterns play off the image giving it more depth and a whole new vibe from sothing old.   Its hard to get the scale of this piece with photos.  Its large, the biggest work that Jason has ever done.This sculpture is powerfule when you see it and demands attention when placed in a room.  It will be a great addition to a collection.     


The piece is constructed of 24 layers and is encapsulated in a custom wood frame.  




Print on paper and foam

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