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Coloring Book of Jason Amatangelo's Designs

Wanna Chill and Color is the first Coloring Book of Jason's Amatangelo's designs.  A digital drawing is made with each of his Analog 3-D paintings.  Now all these designs are availible to add your own twist.   

We want to see what you created!  Be part of the Coloring Crew! This is the first interactive Coloring book with social media.  It's simple!  Share your design, Tag JayArt23, or send your image to JayArt23 on Instagram for a chance to have your  art showcased on our page, and have it seen by  1000’s of people on our Social Media outlets.  This could be your first step in becoming a rich and famous artist! 

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Live Coloring Sessions

Spend an evening with Jason during live coloring sessions.  Watch how Jason colors the pages and learn some to tips and tricks.  Sign up for notifications when the next session will take place.  If you missed the last session, a replay will be posted on You Tube. 

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Coloring Contests

We have all sorts of coloring contests from the basic coloring to challenging styles.  Sign up below to be the first to know.

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