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Jason Amatangelo is known for his brightly colored low relief abstract paintings. He likes to call them analog 3-D paintings. In a world where everything needs to be plugged in, Jason’s paintings give the illusion of 3 dimensions without a wire.


His work is both innovative yet regimented, which is only half of his personality. He spent most of his life in or on the water. Some say he's part fish!. His free-flowing, mild-mannered attitude has led him to his adventurous, abstraction style of art. While studying graphic design, Jason learned to fine-tune his realism drawings. Typical works consisted of portraits, comics, and illustation. Although these remain his roots, a new art style emerged shortly after Jason’s move to Columbus, Ohio, in 2002.

Jason is a creator and inventor. After some friends and family suggested a more suitable art style for him, Amatangelo allowed himself to focus on his true personality through a more abstract approach to his art. Focusing on his childhood passion for graffiti and cartooning, he implements this style into his fine art abstracts today.


Jason and his wife, Linda, married in May 2004, spending their honeymoon in Italy. Following their heritage and love of Renaissance Art, Jason seized his opportunity and began to create from within. With years of playing with form and color, his love for abstract only grew stronger. Plotting to combine his engineering background with his new love for abstract, Amatangelo took hold of his razor blade and started cutting each whimsical shape, applying foam for depth while using his airbrush and technique flow and movement of each piece. Shortly after bringing his work to another “level,” he was fascinated by the number of possibilities when creating three-dimensional abstract illusions.  This is only growing as he tries new papers and techniques to reflect the 3-D effect Jason is always chasing.


Jason continues to reside in beautiful Erie, PA with his wife Linda, and 2 sons and Daughter. His works are shown across the US and Abroad, along with Gallery representation. Jason’s art is made for the viewer who is willing to take a risk. A viewer who is willing to unhinge their thoughts to a more open, free-spirited style of art that keeps you guessing and intrigued. Enjoy and indulge yourself in this journey of futurism.

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